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Earthworks Farm and Abeille Alaska
(pronounced 'ah-bey' and means honey bee in french)

is Located in Palmer, Alaska and is owned and operated by
Beverly Barker and her husband Bruce Hougan

They have been in business since 2010 and pride themseves
on providing customers with the best-quality specialty cut
flowers, boquets, vegetables, and natural cosmetic products

Earthworks Farm and Abeille Alaska can be found at
The Center Market
on Wednesdays throughout the  wnter months
with their line of natural cosmetics; made with local beeswax.
During the summer season, they offer
Farm Grown organic vegetables and flowers as well  

They can also be contacted at:

Abeille Alaska  
By Earthworks Farm
5705 N. Farm Loop Rd
Palmer, Alaska, 99645

Abeille Alaska
Our farm name suggests our outlook: we
work with earth’s living systems in our
farming practices.  We use zero
pesticides, zero herbicides and zero
synthetic fertilizers and we endeavor to
make natural products without the use of
petroleum-based emulsifiers,
preservatives and alcohol.  We overwinter
our bees and do our best to keep them
healthy without exposure
to harmful chemicals.
All of our products are made by hand in
small batches on our farm.  
By melting and mixing at lowest
temperatures possible, we do our best to
retain the integrity of our ingredients to
make a fine-high quality natural product.  
We use our own beeswax and honey from
our bees on Earthworks Farm, and
beeswax and honey from a local
beekeeper in Big Lake.  
We hand-finished our wooden box
containers using a FDA food-grade finish
made with beeswax and linseed oil.  The
lip balm, lotion bar and perfume boxes
also have a vegetable wax-coated
parchment cup insert at the bottom.  Our
signature bee wax seal is made of real
wax (not plastic) and hand stamped.
The Center Market
Located at the corner of Benson and Denali - Inside The Mall at Sears  in Anchorage