The Center Market
Located at the corner of Benson and Denali - behind Carrs  in Anchorage
Through the winter months: Each Wednesday 11:00 am - 6:00  pm
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Choose Food Wisely, LLC

We offer an array  of delicious Whole Food
Probiotics from Farm 779. Full Fat Coconut
Kefir, Kefir rootbeer and blueberry sodas,
black Kombucha  Chai and Green Jun  
peony honey teas, and our signature
Coconut Bacon.  We also make a specialty
Rosemary Magensium Body Butter which
aids in nutrient absorption and pain relief.  

I am a professional AADP Certified Holistic
Health Coach with an extensive background
in wellness.  My heart is truly in helping
people prepare now for the elderly years.  We
do this though probiotic whole foods and
nutritional education.  

Farm 779 is a sustainable flower and
vegetable farm with a private apiary.  Many of
our products use the bounty of our bees.  
Farm 779 also has a facebook page.

Farm 779 specializing in Alaskan
Peonies born under the Aurora Borealis